Our giveaways are designed to support streamers and their communities.

GHEED's goal is to accomplish two things that are missing in the world of streaming: #1 Being a community platform that allows easy access for viewers and streamers to participate in giveaways hosted by any streaming channel. #2 Giving established AND aspiring streamers an easy-to-use tool to launch more successful giveaways with amazing prizes by our sponsors.

Browse and participate in every giveaway hosted on GHEED with no effort.

You'll also be able to filter the list by your interests and preferences, which makes it easy for you to find giveaways by streamers who genuinely interest and entertain you.

Here is why you will fall in love with GHEED

You'll never miss a thing!

With every giveaway listed on our site, streamers and their giveaways get more exposure and you'll get easy access to everything that is happening on GHEED.

You'll win awesome prizes!

We have amazing sponsors working with us to provide our streamers a huge range of giveaway prizes to choose from. And our partner network is growing daily.

Support by being social!

Your chances of winning a giveaway are increasing by fulfilling various social tasks choosen by the streamer - for example following him on Twitch or Twitter.

Your loyalty gets rewarded!

You're earning loyalty coins by watching streams. These coins can be exchanged for higher winning chances. That way being loyal pays off even more!

We handle business!

We make launching giveaways as easy as possible and are taking care of the rest. That also includes shipping the winner's prizes, so streamer won't have to deal with that.

Great things await you!

We're already working on things like a Twitch plugin and a cool reward system for active users! Did someone say lootboxes? No? ok, no lootboxes then. :(

What our customers say